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Dorgard 1328-A01 - Acoustic Fire Door Retainer

Shuttle S01 - Acoustic Fire Door Retainer

Agrippa - Acoustic Fire Door Retainer

Fire Brigade accepted - Acoustic Fire Door Retainers to Government, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Education, Health and Police Authorities, Residential & Care Homes, Building Trade, Commercial and Resellers



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Dorgard 1328-A01 Fitting and Operating Guide



Doorguard Door & Frame Security Products 

 In addition to fire door retainers, the largest range of Anti-burglary security devices to resist 'kick-in' type burglaries are also available - to reinforce and strengthen timber doors and frames


  • DoorGuard Bar, DoorGuard Grille, Kickstop London Bar, Kickstop Birmingham Bar, Kickstop FrameGuard, Kickstop StapleGuard, Kickstop HingeGuard, Kickstop LockGuard, Kickstop Anti-Thrust Plate, Kickstop Anti-ThrustGuard.


Kickstop Anti-Burglary Devices

  • Home Office statistics show that 71% of burglars target the doors of a property, usually by forcing a lock - October 2004
  • Until they've experienced a 'kick-in' burglary, most people aren't aware that chiselling and removing wood to fit locks will unavoidably result in much weakened door security.
  • Because fitting most door locks involves removing wood, the weakened door or frame will split open around the locks and hinges during a forced attack or 'kick-in' burglary unless extra measures are taken to strengthen it by  also fitting a London Bar or StapleGuard and FrameGuard, a Birmingham Bar or HingeGuard, and a LockGuard.
  • Kickstops do not require locking, bolting or activating and therefore cannot be forgotten.  They provide greatly enhanced physical strength and security constantly - each time the door is closed and locked.
  • Kickstop products are not additional locking devices and are designed to reinforce and strengthen the door and the door frame around the existing locks and hinges.
  • On improved security, the Metropolitan Police recommend fitting various products including a London bar, Birmingham bar, a lockguard kit, frameguard and hinge guard.
  • For many years now, Target Hardening programmes throughout Britain have used Kickstop products - to very great effect



Doorguard Door & Frame Security Products - Price List


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Kickstop DoorGuard Bar - Kickstop DoorGuard Grille



Kickstop London Bar & Kickstop Birmingham Bar - for the Door Frame

Kickstop LockGuard (DeadlockGuard - SashlockGuard) - for the Door

Kickstop FrameGuard, Kickstop HingeGuard & Kickstop StapleGuard - for the Door Frame


Kickstop Anti-Thrust Plate - Kickstop Anti-ThrustGuard



DORGARD 1328-A01 ACOUSTIC DOOR RETAINER - Door Guard for the Fire Door

SHUTTLE S01 ACOUSTIC DOOR RETAINER - Door Guard for the Fire Door

AGRIPPA ACOUSTIC DOOR HOLDER - Door Guard for the Fire Door


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Fire Door Retainers and Spares


Additional Quantity Discount

1 to 4 units = £99.00 each - with Floorplate

5+ units = £95.00 each - with Floorplate

1 to 4 units = £96.00 each - with No Floorplate

5+ units = £92.00 each - with No Floorplate

The Dorgard Acoustic Fire Door Retainer is the safe, reliable and smart choice for fire door retaining problems.

It's tempting to hold fire doors open with wedges or, ironically, fire extinguishers.  This is dangerous and could result in fire insurance becoming void and the personal prosecution of directors, partners or proprietors of offending businesses and organisations.

  • Complies fully with all relevant British Standards and EC Directives.
  • Tested to BS EN 1155 and accepted by the Fire Brigade.
  • Complies with BS 7273-4: 2015 Category 'Standard' - Actuation of Release Mechanisms for Doors

  • The Dorgard 1328-A01 can legally hold open fire doors which greatly improves access throughout buildings - in line with the Equalities Act 2010

  • 2 Year Warranty


Packet Quantity Trade Discount

1 packet of 5 @ 17+% discount = £13.94 each

2 packets of 5 @ 30+2% discount = £11.85 each

3 packets of 5 @ 38+% discount = £10.46 each

  • Each packet contains 5 Ferrules
  • Spare rubber Ferrules (feet) for Dorgard and Shuttle foot plunger


Packet Quantity Trade Discount

1 pack of 1 @ 25+% discount = £14.92 each

2-4 packs of 1 @ 30+% discount = £13.92 each

5+ packs of 1 @ 35+% discount = £12.92 each

  • Pack of 1 standard plate with 'bump' stop and 1 additional 'anti-hazard' plate - with fixings and fitting instructions
  • Spare or replacement FloorPlate kit - with fixings
  • Packet of TWO
  • For Dorgard, Shuttle and Agrippa Acoustic Fire Door Retainers
  • For Deafgard Acoustic bedside/pillow fire safety device
  • Duracell Industrial C size (LR14) professional alkaline 1.5V batteries
  • Long lasting & high energy. Designed for commercial and industrial users. Used to be called Duracell Procell.
  • Manufactured to the same high standard as the Duracell 'copper top' range of batteries

Deaf and hard of hearing people are in danger of not hearing the fire alarm.

Deafgard is the safe, legal and cost effective solution.

  • Moveable, wire-free, acoustically-triggered bedside unit.

  • In the event of fire, a deaf or hard of hearing person will not be able to hear the fire alarm - especially when they are asleep in hotels, sheltered housing, care homes etc.  This is a high risk and life threatening situation and the Deafgard 1329-A01 is considered to be an excellent solution.

  • This safe, legal solution, offers the simplest and most cost-effective way of legally communicating the sounding of a fire alarm to deaf and hard of hearing people in hotel rooms and other residential premises.